April Meeting

We have planned to make April a share-your-work session, but some members have asked if they can do some more work on their Pitch. Can you contact me and let me know if you would be interested on doing more work on the pitch or want to share work in progress. Email me at mosteshar@btconnect.com



One thought on “April Meeting

  1. We spoke about competition opportunities for the excellent ‘Rapunzel’ story (I didn’t hear the others, as I was ‘pitching’) and others may be interested in learning more about this if they don’t know the competition scene. If people want to talk about this shall we post here? I will kick off by mentioning the marvellous (but expensive) Fish suite of s/story and poetry competitions and Bridport. I’ve heard this week that the cutoff date for the Bridport s/story comp this year is a month earlier than usual: at the end of May rather than June. Check out the websites of these two for further information.

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