May meeting (at Blackwell’s bookshop)

The next meeting of Group 2012 will be held on Wednesday 16 May at Blackwell’s Bookshop, Broad Street at 7pm.

We will have a non-fiction panel with Phil Henderson (Senior Marketing Manager at Oxford University Press), Juliet Mabey (Publisher at Oneworld Publications) and bestselling author Mark Lynas.

There will be a panel discussion focusing on Non-Fiction Publishing. It will explore such questions as what are publishers interested in? What are the trends in Non-Fiction? What is likely to ensure that a work of Non-fiction is published, and what counts against publication? How commercial does Non-Fiction have to be? The discussion will be followed by some more specific advice for would-be published writers of Non-Fiction.

Non-members are always welcome, but for non-members there will be a small entry fee: details in the About Group 2012 page.

We look forward to seeing many of you there.

2 thoughts on “May meeting (at Blackwell’s bookshop)

  1. There should be some great tips for all writers, so come along even if you are not a non-fiction writer.

  2. My wife has been called in to do a night shift at the hospice that evening, so I’ll be child-minding and unable to come. Even though I’m more interested in fiction, I would still have loved to attend. Hope you have a great evening, and see you in June.

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