Tim Lott Masterclass

Masterclass: Time to sign up.

Tim Lott will be running a writing fiction masterclass on July 2nd at Blackwell’s, starting 7pm. Group 2012 have priority booking and discounted fee of £20. So please email Zool.Verjee@blackwell.co.uk to register and for details of how to pay.

Tim Lott has written eight books, and won a number of literary awards. He teaches creative writing at London’s Faber Academy, and the Guardian Academy. This brief introduction to novel writing will cover the basics principles and tools needed to complete a fully fledged work of fiction

One thought on “Tim Lott Masterclass

  1. Hi Cherry et al, I’ve just picked up notification through my email of your post about the September and November meetings, have tried to find them in wordpress – and failed. I wanted to ask whether these two meetings are going to be on the ‘usual’ Group 2012 evening. I’m unable to do that (having no access to the post). So I’m wondering if I’m the only person who can’t see the actual post. And whether everyone has notification of these posts sent through to their e-mail. Otherwise I don’t think they will get to see it.

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