May Meeting

Wednesday 15th May at 7pm
Where: Blackwell’s Bookshop
What: “How To Present Yourself” with special guest Piers Ibbotson


Piers Ibbotson is a respected speaker, coach and facilitator. He is a regular contributor to senior management development programmes in the UK and around the world, introducing leaders and senior managers to concepts and techniques from the creative arts.

This session will be geared to be of assistance to writers and be focused on ‘How To Present Yourself’ in all its different guises, from that crucial meeting with your agent or publisher, to appearing in front of an audience when you’re speaking about your published book. Normally, we don’t ask you to say whether you’re coming to a session, but this time around it would be very useful to have an idea as to numbers as Piers will tailor the session to the numbers we have.

5 thoughts on “May Meeting

  1. I’m very glad I was there – what a great speaker. Gave a lot of really useful tips in one session. I will find those things useful in other areas of work as well. It wasn’t just the things he said, many of which I’ve heard before, but the way he got them across by acting them. Very useful and enjoyable; thanks for organising it.

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