Social Media meeting: Location to follow

Social media and the modern writer

Many apologies for the delays, but I can confirm that the Social Media event will go ahead on Wednesday 17th July. The Panel will be Cherry Mosteshar, Ali Shaw and Susie Day.

We will try and set up a twitter and Facebook account for Group 2012 on the night to show you how it is done.

We are still discussing locations but we will let you know ASAP.

3 thoughts on “Social Media meeting: Location to follow

  1. Is this going to be mainly a technical session? Or will you be covering best practice with these social media as well? Like, how to maximise followers, generate interest in one’s publications while being genuinely interested in the postings of others, not let it take over one’s life …

  2. It’s going to cover everything – especially how to engage with others without looking like all you are there for is to push your book. There are people out there who will suck the life out of you if you let them, so it is important to know when to say enough and block/unfriend them etc.

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