Invitation to book launch

Got this email from good friend of Group 2012, Juliet Mabey.

Just in case members of Group 2012 are in Oxford in January, you might be interested in coming to this book launch at Blackwells by an Oxford-based debut author of ours. I thought your budding writers could have an interesting question and answer session with him. Dominic lives in Osney Mead, is a freelance journalist, and an all-round lovely person.

This novel started out as a blog showcasing Dominic’s rant at FGW’s appalling Oxford-London service and the manager of FGW’s courteous, and increasingly personal, replies!

Oneworld Publications invite you to celebrate the launch of

Martin Harbottle’s Appreciation of Time

by Dominic Utton

on Thursday 16th January 7pm–8.30pm

at Blackwell’s Bookshop 48-51 Broad Street Oxford, OX1 3BT

Please RSVP so that we can cater accordingly: / 020 7307 8909

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