March meeting open to non members

Lucy Atkins & Judith Murray/ How to Get Published
Wednesday 19th March, 7pm-9pm
Lucy Atkins, award-winning journalist and debut novelist will be appearing at Blackwell’s Bookshop at 7pm on Wednesday 19th March. Her novel, The Missing One, was published in January by Quercus.

Lucy and literary agent Judith Murray of Greene and Heaton will be discussing the process of getting your book published: what do agents and editors do? How do you find an agent? How does a book evolve from first idea to published novel? Can self-publishing really work? Are creative writing courses useful? They will also discuss the evolution of The Missing One from first submission to publication.

It might be interesting to read the book before the event so you can grill Judith on what it was about it that made her take Lucy on as a client.

This is a Group 2012 event but is open to all. If you are not a member of Group 2012 tickets are £3 and are available from our Customer Services Department. Please telephone 01865 333623.

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