December Meeting

The final Group 2012 session of 2014 will be at Blackwell’s bookshop on Wednesday 17th December (7pm-9pm) and, being so close to Christmas, it will be an informal but enjoyable gathering . . .

The plan is to have each member bring something to read – your own work, a poem, something Christmassy that you like, something non-Christmassy that you like . . .

There will also be a very small book quiz (and some modest prizes), and a chance to socialise and enjoy a pleasant evening.

From next year we are chnaging the regular meeting from the 3rd Wednesday of the month, so please let us know which Wednesday would suit best 1st, 2nd or 4th.

5 thoughts on “December Meeting

  1. I’d find the first or the last weeks of the month easier, as everything else seems to happen in the middle of the month. I look forward to hearing when the January meeting will be. Thanks.

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