February Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday February 25th from 7pm-9pm at Blackwell’s bookshop. We are still waiting to hear from possible speakers, but if they can’t make it we will have a mini discussion on Point of View led by Cherry and any aspects of writing that members of group want to explore.

6 thoughts on “February Meeting

    1. Hello Philip. I think we will do a bit on Point of View, more as a discussion than me lecturing. You did teh exercise with Richard but it might be fun for those who were not there. Then a general chat of the things people find difficult so we can share experience. id anyone has something to read we may be able to do a bit of feedback.

  1. So tonight will be brainstorming problems group members might be facing, a little exercise on Point of View and if anyone wants to read do bring some work along and we will try and fit it all in.

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