Blackwell’s Event: Roma Tearne – The Last Pier

We though group would be interested in this event:


Thursday, June 18th at 19:00 – 20:00

Roma Tearne will be appearing in conversation with Lucy Popescu here at Blackwell’s in Oxford to talk about her latest novel, ‘The Last Pier’ – A beautiful and atmospheric novel about family, love, loss and regret.In the author’s own words, “Why should a Sri Lanken novelist with five books set in Sri Lanka choose to write a novel set in Suffolk on the eve of WWII? The answer is simply, why not. The imagination has no borders and the voyage out or the passage to india can equally be the passage to Suffolk if indeed we live in a truly global world. I have wanted for many years to write a novel steeped in the English countryside, in a part of the world I know and love. I have wanted to depict the England that is receding and that once, long ago, I read about while living beside a tropical sea. ‘The Last Pier’ is that novel.
Tickets cost £3 and can be purchased by calling 01865 333623 or email for a special discount.

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