November with the Booksellers

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 25th November 2015 at Blackwell’s Bookshop
Books We Love, Why We Love Them and How We Sell Them
Our panel for the evening consists of some of Blackwell’s finest booksellers. They will talk about the books they love, what qualities they look for in books and they’ll also demystify how books are selected for promotion and turned into bestsellers.

This promises to be a interesting and fun evening. If you are self publishing then it is even more important to find out what makes sellers tick as you will be selling your books to them.

3 thoughts on “November with the Booksellers

  1. I see that Nick Middleton is speaking at Blackwell’s at the same time as our meeting. Does this mean Group 2012 is convening elsewhere? Don’t want to be sitting in the wrong meeting!

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