Dear wonderful members of Group 2012, I really appreciate all your loyalty and support this year.  We have tried to bring great speakers to you whenever we can. However,  this year we have struggled to meet all of the cost as members have moved away or not been able to attend for various reasons. Would everyone be comfortable with membership going up to £25 next year? The guest payments would also rise to £5.


Recruiting more members would help us provide better events in the future, so please do tell all your writer friends.

5 thoughts on “Membership

  1. Great new look! and yes, of course, 2012 brings illumination, technical instruction, the joys of social interaction with other writers and not least, true literary connectedness – second, indeed, to no group I have ever encountered. Thank you 2012, and most especially thank you Cherry and Zool.

  2. Hi Cherry,

    Sorry I will not be able to get to Oxford for the 16th. As for a speaker -how about Sci-Fi? David Mathew has published in this genre. He works at Bedfordshire University where he also runs the writers retreat and is editor of the academic university journal( which I have just been published in). Kind regards, Vanda Potts

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