September Feedback Session

Wednesday 29th September at Oxford Quaker Meeting, 43 St Giles, Oxford OX1 3LW
Feedback session 7pm-10pm.

This will be a feedback session so please bring something to share if you wish, or just come and offer your feedback. Now tat we can stay till 10pm there shoul be less of a ruh to get everybody in.


Looking forward to hearing what you have all written over the summer.

5 thoughts on “September Feedback Session

  1. Thanks Cherry. Will try to get there but may be too late back to Oxford. No news about Elizabeth ( In the end I wrote a card to them as the least intrusive thing to do) and I am worried re whether or not to try and spread word of cancellation of her launch – I had told number of people about it. Have written to events at B’wells asking them about this too.

  2. Cherry, thanks for the notice. Unfortunately, I much regret that I can’t attend, due to prior travel arrangements – which is a bitter disappointment, as I greatly value your feedback sessions. Hoping very much I can make the next. Do you still alternate them with a talk every other month? Best, Alex

  3. PS I see it says ‘Wed 29th’ – but I’m hoping you meant Wed 27th (as 29th is Friday) – in which case, I can make it! Please confirm.

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