May meeting

I thought in May we could have a session talking about which books have helped us most in our writing. Does that sound like a good idea? If not, we can have another feedback session.


We also have the choice of Blackwell’s or The Rose and Crown.


All ideas welcome.



9 thoughts on “May meeting

  1. Happy with either topic but marginally prefer “books that have helped”
    Happy with either place but if asked to vote would vote for Blackwell’s – less fattening!
    Please decide,Cherry, and then we can tell all these people who seem not to be on the list! I am anti democracy in this matter.

  2. I also vote for “books that have helped us”, and for Blackwell’s. And I’m assuming it’s next week, on Wed 31st, not tomorrow!

  3. Yes I’d be very interested in books that have helped the most, but am also happy to share work. Are the meetings always on the last wed of the month? I had it down for this week but that’s probably my error.
    Looking forward. Liz

  4. Yes Liz, always the last Wednesday. They used to be the third wednesday, but we chaged it a few years ago

  5. Cherry, v happy with topic. But am I a lone voice in preferring the pub? It’s just more relaxed with a pint, I find. As Dr Johnson said: ‘There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man, by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern or inn.’ And who would presume to argue with the great Doctor? But I see I am a voice crying in the wilderness, so must see y’all at Blackwell’s. X Alex

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