Blackwell’s Christmas Evening and Group meeting

Group 2012 members have been invited to Blackwell’s Christmas Evening on Thursday 14th December, from 5.30pm to 9pm. This is the perfect opportunity to start/continue/complete your Christmas shopping while enjoying our warm and wonderful seasonal bookshop atmosphere at the same time!

There’ll be lots to keep you entertained and amused including some talks you may wish to attend – one from two of the Costa Prize judges and another on Lagom (the Swedish art of living a balanced lifestyle), plus Christmas carols from a local choir and a session on some of our favorite books of the year, not to mention plenty of port and mince pies throughout the evening!

So I thought we could meet again and have our Best Book/Worst Book of the year session again up in the cafe space somewhere. Would people be happy to start earlier, say 6pm?


Blackwell’s Christmas Evening

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