April Meeting

Our next meeting is a feedback session at Blackwell’s on Broad Street on Wednesday 25th April from 7-9pm.

Please bring a piece of writing to share if you have any, but remember we are limiting time to 10 minutes to read and 5 minutes for feedback. Someone will have a stop watch so it really is quite strict now in order to give everyone equal time.

If you have no new work, then just come along and give your feedback on the work presented.

We will also discuss plans for a literary magazine.

This year subscriptions will be £20 for the year, £3 a session for regular members, and £5 a session for guests.


All members of Writers at Blackwell’s get a 10% discount on services from The Oxford Editors. Visit http://www.theoxfordeditors.co.uk

One thought on “April Meeting

  1. SO sorry but will almost certainly not be able to come this month. Just back from a short break in France and the backlog of jobs has built to a worrying height!
    Hope it is a good and interesting evening and look forward to the next one.
    Liz Henderson

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