Tonight’s meeting: David Kelly Talk


Sales Manager of Blackwell’s Broad Street, David Kelly will be joining us to discuss the B.A notes on how to get your book into bookshops. Sharing hints and tips from the bookseller’s perspective on how to approach a bookshop and make the most out of your publication. If there’s time at the end David will also be happy to discuss new and forthcoming publication, how they’re marketed & why they have been successful.


Blackwell’s Book Shop on Broad Street on Thursday 19th July from 7-9pm.



3 thoughts on “Tonight’s meeting: David Kelly Talk

  1. Really sorry to miss this – but a WI somewhere in deepest Gloucestershire has booked me.
    Would love it if someone could produce notes!
    Another small publisher (Muswell Press) have expressed interest in “Makeover”. But I am no longer the optimist I once was – the full MS has been called in too many times only to be rejected.

  2. REALLY sorry to have to miss this interesting meeting. YES, as Barbara suggests, I’d love to see notes if anyone takes them. Just the kind of thing I need to know but family matters have had to come first again.

    Liz Henderson.

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