Talking Writing

August 2nd, 7pm at The Rose and Crown, North Parade
Fantastic meeting last night, David Kelly was brilliant.
Just to remind you that we are meeting on August 2nd, 7pm at The Rose and Crown, North Parade, for a bit of food and a new Talking Writing session. We will sit, eat and just enjoy discussing books and writing.
Also, if you have enjoyed being part of group and got something from it, and feel so inclined, remember my company The Oxford Editors, which I represent in running group, could always do with a  Google review – hopefully good. Just Google The Oxford Editors  and you will see the listing on the right and a review opportunity under the map.


4 thoughts on “Talking Writing

  1. HI Cherry,

    I was deputed to drop you a line by the others.

    Sorry not to see you last night at the pub. Hope your back improves soon! I know how nasty they can be.

    We had a good chat, with 5 present: Pam, James, Jonathan, Harry (a newcomer aged 27 – reducing the average age somewhat) and I.

    Lively discussion about Soviet Russia occasioned by books Jonathan had read by John Dos Passos led to table being thumped (with phone) by me in dispute with him about numbers of deaths caused by Stalin, but all parted amicably without fisticuffs, as English members of the oppressive bourgeoisie tend to do.

    Hope to see you soon. Presume nothing till September?



  2. So sorry to have missed it, but glad it went well. If people want we can have another such get-together towards end of the month. My back is better today with the help of heavy pain killers. However, an hour teaching sitting down and I am back trying to rest it.

  3. PS people were asked to name the book/s that had most inspired them/had the biggest impact. Choices were: Pam: Middlemarch; James: Tess of the D’Urbervilles; Jonathan: Manhattan Transfer (Dos Passos); Harry: Animal Farm; Alex (me): The Leopard.

  4. Thanks, Cherry.
    I may be away towards end of month, but others??
    Re back, if you haven’t seen them, I strongly recommend the physio team at the Oxford University Sports and Leisure Centre, Iffley Rd. Brilliant massage and v helpful set of exercises.

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