New year, new plans

Happy New Year to one and all.

This year we are going back to having feedback at the pub and events with speakers at Blackwell’s. We hope to start in March with another of Richard Skinner’s great workshops.

That means that Jan will be feedback and Feb will be feedback and planning for our new magazine. Dates to follow.

The March date is still to be decided, however, we have our dates for Blackwell’s for the rest of the year so please note:

Wednesday 29th May
Wednesday 31st July
Wednesday 25th September
Wednesday 25th November
Because of the rising costs we will have to raise the yearly fee this year. Would members object to £30 for the year or £5 for single events?

5 thoughts on “New year, new plans

  1. I think you mean Wed 27 Nov.
    It’s a big rise in cost – I hope it means we get the w’shops and other such events free?
    I’ll pay up but would prefer it to be £25.
    is it Jan 30 and feb 27 ?

  2. The fee sounds very good value to me, such a variety of speakers and useful discussions. Sorry I haven’t been able to come for ages but I hope the New Year will not be so fraught. I am planning to self publish a collection of my short stories later in the year so am ‘head down and ploughing on’ at present.
    Time is short but I very much hope to be there with you all whenever I can. Liz Henderson

  3. The problem is that we now have to cover some cost for staffing so we have to raise more money. I also think a pub evening once a month to just talk books would be fun. Liz, lovely to have you back anytime.

    1. Hi Cherry ( and everyone in the Blackwell’s Writers )
      I am so sorry but I don’t think I am going to make it to join you for the next meeting ( 27th Nov 2019). I have just sent off my collection of short stories to the Publisher and am hurtling about looking after my husband who has had some emergencies with an emergency ‘heart block’/ operation and endless tests.
      He will probably be in hospital on 27th so I won’t be able to come along. I have missed our meetings very much… writing can be quite a lonely business can’t it!
      However with the prospect of my book coming out in March some time, I am having to forego some luxuries until publication is complete.
      I very much hope I’ll be able to come to the New Year meetings so please keep me ‘in the loop’ by continuing to let me know dates and time of meetings/talks.

      Many thanks, and wishing you all a very HAPPY NEWY YEAR in 2020.
      Liz Henderson

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