August feedback

Before I arrange a feedback meeting for August I wanted to check if anyone would be interested. I was thinking of the 29th. In past years we have not held an August meeting because members have been on holiday. If you are around and keen, then just leave a comment below. If we have a few people, I will book a venue. If now we can have the feedback at our Blackwell’s meeting in September.


All the best,



6 thoughts on “August feedback

  1. Hi Cherry
    Sorry I didn’t make the July meeting, and am away now until mid September. Hope you’re well.
    Best wishes

  2. Sorry, Cherry, not to reply earlier. Am currently in Paris and heading further south this weekend. Will try and get a short story out of my travels. Expected back mid-september.

  3. PS I was having great difficulties being accepted as Jonathan by Word Press. In frustration I called myself Helmut Kumm as a joke and it was accepted! But really Helmut Kumm is my pseudonym by default. Jonathan Saunders XX

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