Publishing Success

Hi Everyone in the Writers at Blackwells and the Oxford Editors. At last my collection of short stories has been published and are ‘out there’ in the real world!

Working with the Group has been really helpful to me over the many years I have been attending meetings… thank you all for your comments and advice over those many years!

The book, The West Facade, is stocked by Blackwells  but is also available directly from my website;  where you can pay by paypal or credit card etc… easy!

My personal email is if you just want a chat or have any questions. 

Hope you are all finding the ‘lock-down’ a useful period to find the time to write although those of you with children will probably have found it was all more difficult… what a strange time we are living in… not exactly ideal for inspiration !!Looking forward to hearing from you.

Liz Henderson

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