Next meeting

Please try to come to the Rose and Crown North Parade 7 for 7.30 on Wednesday for the new phase of our writing group. There are lots of great things in our future.

In the backroom if it is cold. They rarely make people pay the cover charge. In all these years they have never asked me for any money, but to cover it they accept what we spend on food and drink and they have good food anyway and excellend drink.

I am sick at home but Barbara will lead the readings.

6 thoughts on “Next meeting

  1. Hello Cherry

    Do you mean tomorrow evening the 6th ?


    James Smith.

    PS Hope you recover soon.

  2. To you all

    It is a pity that I won’t be able to come to your meetings now as I have had some problems with my eyes and cannot drive in the dark.

    However I have nice memories of meetings with you all and very much hope you will continue to be creative and productive in the future.

    Very best wishes

    Liz Henderson.

  3. Hi Cherry.I Received this too late to do anything about it but please keep me informed. I’m so sorry you”re still not well. Have you any reaction to The Phantom Dog of the Fells’?I don’t think extra events are needed or even fitting in suich a close-packed story as this. But I do wonder about some b/w  illustrations and also a new cover. I can ask Katrina who did the cover for Hunter’s Moon and two covers for me. She’s good but obviously she’ll charge. BestDennis


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