The Oxford Editors founders of Writers at Blackwell’s

Writers at Blackwell’s is an exciting writing group in Oxford with monthly meeting that include talks by authors, agents, publisher and booksellers; discussions on all aspects of writing and publishing; writing and marketing workshops and writing feedback sessions.

We meet monthly, on the fourth Wednesday of the month, in the bookshop or in other venues in Oxford, announced each time.

Meetings will be varied and will include talks by authors, discussion, workshops and writing critique sessions. Please subscribe to the blog to be informed of the details of each meeting.

We have had some amazing success stories and have been proud to see members get published. The group is always open to new writers, so come and join us for a mixture of great talks and feedback sessions.

There is a membership charge of £30 per year to cover our costs. Membership allows you to come to all meetings for free. If you are not a member you can still attend the meetings but there is an entry charge of £3.

The group started in January 2012 as a collaboration between herry Mosteshar of The Oxford Editors and Blackwell’s Bookshop, Cherry Mosteshar of The Oxford Editors.

If you have any questions or need further information please don’t hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to seeing you there!

11 thoughts on “The Oxford Editors founders of Writers at Blackwell’s

  1. Hi – I wasn’t able to make the last meeting, guess there is one tomorrow April 18th? where will it be, and what time? (apologies if the info is somewhere on the website, I couldn’t spot it…) Thanks, Ann

  2. Are you accepting new members? A friend and I are writing a screenplay and would love to join a writing group. Many thanks for answering, Lisa

  3. I’d also really like to know if you’re accepting members. I’d be really interesting in coming along for the next meeting.


  4. Oxfordshire Libraries is excited to announce the launch of their short story competition for 2017. The lucky winner of both the adult and young adult category will get to see their entries published as an eBook and available via the library website for the whole of 2017 to be borrowed and read across Oxfordshire. Previous winners have been some of the most borrowed eBooks in our collection so this is a great chance to get your unique writing voice heard, and could be an inspiring first step for new writers of all ages. The contest launches on 22nd October 2016 and runs until 4th January 2017 with both category winners being published in March. Full terms and conditions as well as instructions on how to submit your entries can be found on the Oxfordshire Libraries website

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