Great start to year

Thank you Barbara Hudson and Philip Davies for a really wonderful talk on the journey from getting a book idea to signing with a publisher and what comes after.

It really was an interesting evening and quite touching for me as I thought back to January 2012 when so many writers, with the dream of being published, turned up to our first meeting. Four years later  many of them can call themselves a published author.

It is not easy, as both Barbara and Philip explained, but if you keep going and don’t let the rejections depress you, dreams can come true and you could be writing a series before you know it.

Thank you all who have made this group such a pleasure.

We will continue to meet on the last Wednesday of the month.


One thought on “Great start to year

  1. Thanks, Cherry, I enjoyed it too. And thanks for all your efforts on behalf of Group 2012 – we wouldn’t have kept going without you!

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