July Meetings


Our next meeting will be on the 17th July at Blackwell’s – we had planned a session on Social Media but as one of the speakers may not be able to make it we are seeing if we can change a couple of the sessions around. Update will be posted very soon.

Extra session on Self Publishing 24th July at Blackwell’s – details to follow.

3 thoughts on “July Meetings

  1. These are 2 meetings in which I am very interested. And if the one on the 17th moves to a different month I shall be rather pleased – as Zool knows :o) – as I come quite a distance to the gatherings.

    I hope very much to make the self-publishing meeting on the 24th.

    If the social media meeting remains on the 17th I shall try to make that one too.

    1. Fantastic, look forward to meeting you.


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