August Meeting

The August meeting will be a feedback session on Wednesday August 21st at  Blackwell’s Bookshop on Broad Street from 7-9pm.



5 thoughts on “August Meeting

  1. Paul
    As a member, not one of the organisers, I’d just like to say what a friendly group this is. And helpful too. You will get some really constructive feedback if you bring along a page or so of your work. Cherry asked us to try and produce something about dinosaurs and bookshops, but I don’t think that’s compulsory.

  2. Cherry

    Just to say I enjoyed the session last night and felt very welcome. It is also so positive to get enthusiastic feedback.

    I will definitely be back.

    I would be happy to share my writing blog on wordpress. It is:

    I have drawn up a short/long list of publishers/agents to approach with the book proposal and will be targetting them over the next couple of weeks.

    Thanks for your advice and suggestions in this regard.

    Best wishes


    ps, I liked your colourful “tent”, if I were a girl I would def wear one on these humid stuffy days….

  3. Dear Cherry,

    Thanks for the email- sorry I could not make last meeting. I seem to remember something about dinosaurs. I thought of a scenario where the dinosaurs returned through time travel , and found that the books were also worried about becoming extinct through new ideas and technology.

    Hope to make the next evening.

    Sarah McDougall Duncan

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