Social Media session July 17th / Self-publishing session July 24th

Many apologies to all for the delay in firming up the venue for this session. We were hoping to use the multi-media facilities as The Playhouse, but the room is being decorated and we just heard it will not be ready in time. Ali Shaw has also had to pull out at the last minute, but we still have a great session even if we have to huddle around laptop computers.


The panel will be:

Cherry Mosteshar, who will talk about the how and why of Twitter and Facebook.

Susie Day, who writes for children and Young Adults, who will talk about setting up a blog. You can find Susie’s delightful blog at

Next Wednesday, July 24th, we are at Blackwell’s again from 7pm to 9pm for a session on Self-publishing.


The panel will be:

Robert Bullard, a writer, editor and book coach, will reveal the do’s and don’ts of self-publishing: he’ll guide you through your self-publishing options, and give some essential tips for cover design and book marketing. Robert is a former journalist and now runs; he lives in Oxford and helped 8 people write and self-publish books in the last 18 months.

Kamal Latharka who will give talk about his personal Self Publishing Journey

He says, “This will contain the following elements

Briefly, why I started to write the book

The experience with the publishers and agents and dropping and being dropped

Deciding to go it alone / albeit with my sister

Setting up the company, and needing to produce a quality product.

The steps involved in the process:



Branding  – the title, the spine, the look

Marketing and tales of woe and success

Touch on Online and Social media – time effort and strategy

The Kindle effect

Protectionists American markets

The future

8 thoughts on “Social Media session July 17th / Self-publishing session July 24th

  1. Hi Cherry

    Is it 7 – 9pm tomorrow night in Blackwells? I will try to come to that one.


    Sent from my iPad

  2. Yes, Tessa, I think it is. And Cherry, would it be helpful then if some of us brought our own laptops, so that we can log on/sign up or whatever we have to do?! Philip

    1. Yes, sorry it is 7-9 pm. I think Kevin is bringing a projector, but it would be good if some of you had your own laptops so that we can start tweeting each other or posting on facebook.

      1. The session seems to be becoming a ‘how-to’. I don’t have a laptop and already use Facebook daily. I have no interest in ‘doing’ Twitter too (one bad habit is enough…). I was hoping for tips on how to maximise one’s return on time invested in FB. Which is all to say that I’m presenting my apologies on this one. Shall definitely be down next week for e-publishing. If anyone wants to ‘friend’ me on FB – happy to hear from you.

      2. Dear Judi, The how to is just five or ten minutes and then the session will concentrate on how to make the best of these tools. It is very much about what works and what does not, from my experience. For example, twitter is a very good tool to find the sort of people you want to reach and and to then direct them onto your Facebook or your blog page. With Facebook and Blogs it is often people who have to find you and that is more difficult. For example if I do #amwriting search I have hundreds of writers come up on twitter and I can make friends and then direct them to my website.

        WE now have a projector so you don’t need to have your laptop. It was just so people who had could see what was going on and the others could look over my shoulder, but now that we have a projector that is not an issue.

        Not How To at all really, more why to and what to do.

        Also lots and lots of agents are on twitter trying to connect with writers.

      3. OK! Thanks for that. Interesting of itself, and as a trailer for the evening. Now all I have to do is take a spanner to my current mindset (dismantling the idea of something long and cold on a lounger in the garden) and get in the car [FX of rummaging in toolbox].

  3. I also use Facebook daily, but not Twitter (yet). I hope it will be more than just a “how to”. If social media are key planks of book sale strategies, then this is what we need to know. See you later, Philip.

  4. The link above is a short tutorial for self publishing on Lulu. I’ve used Lulu and found them very easy to publish on, but I don’t know how good they are compared to others.

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