Feedback group on Facebook

Just discovered I can invite you if I have your email, so that would be fine. Just send me your email address and I will invite you to the feedback group.

Many thanks,



5 thoughts on “Feedback group on Facebook

  1. Cherry I am a completely new member of Face Book… haven’ t had any need for it until the 2012 feedback idea, which I really love! BUT because of inexperience I don’t know how to ’send a link’ to you. Because tomorrow’s meeting is in the Easter Hols I unfortunately cannot come. But if it is easy for you to tell me how to send you a link I’d love to do it, so you can send me an initiation to the Group. Then I can enjoy sharing works for the next two months. If I haven’t managed by the next 2012 meeting, maybe I could bring my computer along to the meeting and someone who is familiar with Facebook could show me.Sadly I do not have ANYONE, friend or family who can help me… AND I am DYING to get involved!

    ‘’Liz Henderson

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