April Meeting

Our next meeting will be a feedback session on Tuesday 30th April in the back room at the Rose and Crown pub in North parade, Oxford, from 7pm.


Please bring something to read if you have it or just come and enjoy the work of other members.

One thought on “April Meeting

  1. Hi Cherry!

    Thanks for keeping me in ‘the Loop’. I am preparing a collection of my short stories for publication sometime before Christmas and for that reason have to keep my head well and truly down as I have family to ‘see to’ and several other ‘Jobs’ that I have taken on during my retirement. It is being very difficult to fid=nd the time to write with everything going on around me, but by being disciplined I think I will succeed. I’ll let you know later in the year.

    I feel sure that you will all appreciate the time –stress this project is causing me and forgive my absence from the Group.

    Hope you are keeping well. Liz Henderson.

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